Company names in English change!!!

As GE(General Electric), issued a law letter to us to claim for their design,patent,rights of GE.

Applying to the Jiangmen government Business Administration Bureau,we will stop to use GE Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,GE Metal Manufactory as our company name in English.At the same time,we use the same factory name,company name as Jiangmen Goyu Metal Factory;Jiangmen Yinhe Wujin Shiye Youxian Gongsi in Chinese.

From the date Nov. 1st,2009,We will take our company name,factory name as Galaxy Hardware Industry Co.,Ltd,and Jiangmen Goyu Metal Manufactory.

We have the rights of Galaxy Hardware Industry Co.,Ltd,Jiangmen Goyu Metal Manufactory,G&Y for the hardware industries.

Thank you for your attention.