UL Hinge, UL Listed Hinge, UL Certified Hinge,Fire Rated Hinge

UL Hinge, UL Listed Hinge, UL Certified Hinge,Fire Rated Hinge

Model No.︰GY-454030

Brand Name︰GY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 4.3 / Pair

Minimum Order︰500 Pair

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Product Description

UL Hinge, UL Listed Hinge, UL10 C Hinge, Fire Rated Hinge, ANSI  Hinge, BHMA Hinge, UL Door Hinge, UL Listed Door Hinge, UL Window

Certificate: UL Listed, 3 hours Fire Rated, UL10C and NFPA80.

Size:4.5"(114.3mm) X4.0"(101.6mm) X3.4mm, 0.134 Gauge

Material:Stainless Steel 304 as standard, other grades are workable.

Bearing: 2/4 Ball Bearings, residential grade or commercial grade 

Pin:Fixed Pin, or Non-Removable Loose Pin(NRP), Non-Rising Loose Pin

Tip: Flat tips as standard, others, e.g., ball tips etc. are workable.

Screw: SS wood screw #12x1-1/4" (31mm), machine screw UNC 12-24x7/32"(imperial), or machine screw M6x12mm(metric)

Knuckle: 5 Knuckles

Full Mortise type, or Surface/Half Mortise Type

More other models(sizes) certified by UL as following:

Models (sizes), H=Height, W=Open Width, T=Thickness

1. Model #: SS403030-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.0"x3.0"x3.0mm)
2. Model #: SS403530-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.0"x3.5"x3.0mm)
3. Model #: SS404030-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.0"x4.0"x3.0mm)
4. Model #: SS454030-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.5"x4.0"x3.0mm)
5. Model #: SS454034-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.5"x4.0"x3.4mm)
6. Model #: SS454530-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.5"x4.5"x3.0mm)
7. Model #: SS454534-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.5"x4.5"x3.4mm)
8. Model #: SS454046-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.5"x4.0"x4.6mm)
9. Model #: SS454546-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 4.5"x4.5"x4.6mm)
10. Model #: SS504034-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 5.0"x4.0"x3.4mm)
11. Model #: SS504534-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 5.0"x4.5"x3.4mm)
12. Model #: SS504046-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 5.0"x4.0"x4.6mm)
13. Model #: SS504546-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 5.0"x4.5"x4.6mm)
14. Model #: SS505046-2BB/4BB (H * W* T, size: 5.0"x5.0"x4.6mm)

Finish: Satin Stainless Steel (SSS) as standard, others are available upon request.
Accessories (fasteners): Supplied with SS wood screws and or machine screws;Metric or Imperial machine screws need to be consulted when order.

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